Best Gifting Ideas for Your Fellow Gardener

Best Gifting Ideas for Your Fellow Gardener

Even if you know them very well, it is always challenging to find out what to gift a Gardner. But this time, you’re in luck, because here we’ve compiled a list of best gardening gift ideas for you. The good thing about gardening gifts is that the range of options is incredibly vast. And oh, don’t worry about the prices. All gifts on this list are very affordable and easy to find.

Our gardening gift ideas range from the traditional to the most innovative. So, you can choose exactly what the gift taker likes. 

An Orchard Kit – Ideal For Amateur Indoor Gardeners

The reasons to start gardening are more than varied. Mostly its the fragrance and beauty of flowers that inspire people. If your Gardner is someone like this, then an orchard kit is perfect for getting started. On many occasions, gardening enthusiasts do not consider having a garden because of a lack of space to have it. Something that can be solved with a garden kit that allows cultivation in a controlled area. It is a different and original way to start gardening indoors, without having to allocate many square meters. 

For amateur gardeners, it is a way to go one step further and discover a discipline of gardening that engages indoor gardening. It is something that allows them to continue their passion. 

Bonsai, One of the Best Gardening Gifts

It is one of the quintessential gardening gifts for experienced gardeners. Bonsai art is, perhaps, one of the disciplines of gardening with more followers. The cultivation of these small-format trees demands patience and dedication. Though it is not an ideal gift for a newbie, its caring is not as tremendous as you think. 

You can also go for a bonsai decorative lantern. It is the ideal gift for a Bonsai lover, and no other gift will feed his passion to a greater extent. However, you must note that the cultivation of this plant involves the use of a good number of tools. It is a gift whose details will not only make an illusion but also will be useful. The perfect tandem that anyone looks for when giving away.

Pachira, a Beautiful Indoor Green Plant

Exotic and sculptural, perfect to put a tropical spot in any house. Pachira is one of those green plants of good growth that also has a sculptural appearance. A virtue that is based on its main aesthetic feature: having a braided trunk. Something that gives elegance and makes it the center of all eyes.

The Pachira care is simple despite its tropical origins. For this reason, it is one of the ideal gardening gifts, even for a gardener’s apprentice. To see it grow, we will only have to grow it in a room with good light. You can enjoy its intensely green foliage even without the direct sun. 

In addition to light, two of its other aspects must be considered: good drainage, regular watering twice a week, and the application of fertilizer for green plants from time to time.

Hydroponic Cultivation Kit – One of the Most Innovative Gardening Gifts

If what you are looking for is original gardening gifts, nothing will be more dazzling with a different form of cultivation. We are referring to hydroponic cultivation: a way to move our plants without soil. A technique that is being imposed worldwide and that is ideal for those who love gardening that either want to discover another modality or to deal with the lack of space.

The main advantage of this formula is that it allows you to grow both ornamental and orchard plants. Moreover, it is the ideal cultivation system for impatient people because germination and growth times are substantially shorter than plantation in a substrate.

Live Succulent Garden

Richly textural desert succulents are spectacular gifts. They are suitable for both – indoor as well as outdoor displays. The package comes with different assorted succulents, redwood box, and the soil. The planter is 4” deep and 12” wide, and has two hooks on the back opposite sides. 

The Last Gem – Bird of Paradise Cultivation Kit

We leave for the end another one of those gardening gifts that will surprise you. An ideal one for both advanced in the world of plants and for novices. And it is that type of culture kits which have all the elements and precise instructions to get a plant moving forward. Something that will make life easier for those who start gardening. And those the experienced growers will like it for its originality. 

This kit demands little space and offers the possibility of growing a huge number of plants. Indeed, it is one of a kind surprise!

A Help Tip

People have their individual personal tastes. You must choose a gift that hits this spot. For this reason, all of the tips stated above differ. So that you select the one depending on the type of person who receives them. Just make sure to go for the one that dazzles the gardener in your life.