Bring New Life to Your House by Adding These 3 DIY to Your Mix

Bring New Life to Your House by Adding These 3 DIY to Your Mix

Home decoratives are not just things dangling on your wall or resting down in your living room. Well, maybe but if you add a touch of your own persona to a set of things you see at your house it’s closer to a homelike setting and is interesting for anyone who is visiting your home.

Whether you agree to it or not, the appearance of the room plays a role in defining its mood and affects the mood of the people who are in it. The lights, wall color, placement of your lamp, or flower vase would play a deciding factor in setting up the indoor environment. A calm looking room would help you to ease down your stress and anxiety. The right setting of your table lamp, bookshelf, and origami craft could be the motivating factors in your study or art room.

Moreover, what you hear and listen to are other factors that play a role in the contentment of the mind. Scented candles, fragrant oil lamps, or flowers could be added to this list to brighten up a free evening and a good choice in art and music would be a bonus here. 

If you are passionate about dressing up your house or would like to add new life to store-bought items then welcome aboard. We are going to lay down a few DIY decorative ideas you can implement to your home decor setting.

Driftwood Planter

Mount a Driftwood Planter

If you are a fan of erratic shapes like myself or have a pet at home who is getting better at knocking down the plant pots which match his level on the ground, then maybe you should upgrade your gallery to a wall or mount setup. 

What are the odds of finding driftwood in your nearby coastline?

You must have come across a washed-out piece of wood on your visit to the beach.

Why don’t you take one home this time?

With a few extra additions, you can make it a cool wall planter. 

All you need is a

  • Piece of firm driftwood
  • Few nails
  • A wall mounting hook
  • Wire
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Small plant

Begin with adding a wall hanging hardware to your driftwood planner and wire your sphagnum moss with your driftwood. Attach a small plant; staghorn fern or pothos philodendron would be a good choice and then hook it to the wall.

Mist daily and water once every 3-5 days, place it someplace which is mildly exposed to light and we are good to go.

Install a Rope Star Mirror in Your Bedroom

Install a Rope Star Mirror in Your Bedroom 164. 852  

Giving a new edge to your bedroom mirror could be a nice way to craft up your wall. Well, don’t take this in the wrong way as I am not suggesting you spend more time in front of the mirror but let’s agree that a mirror is something we use in our everyday life. It adds up space to your room and can increase the lightning in your room based on where it is placed

Using a rope and a few nails along you can draw a pentagram star around a round-shaped mirror. Pentagram symbol which stands for five vital elements: fire, water, spirit, earth and wait, would add a mysterious demeanor to your room. 

Take your round shaped mirror of any dimension depending upon the area you want to cover. Mark the circumference of the mirror on the wall using a pencil and divide it into 8 equal parts(just split the marked area into 4 equal parts and then further divide them into halves). You may use a yardstick for this purpose. Then extend each straight line from both sides where they meet the circumference of the circle, approximately to what would be the radius of the circle. Start numbering these points beginning from 1 and go on up to 8. Dig a nail at these eight points. 

Now, using the ropes make a few windings creating two triangles, one taking the points 1,6,4 and other taking 8,5,2. Now place the mirror exactly where the circle is marked using a wall hook.

With the right lights and wall color, this should look stellar.


Kid-friendly Origami Craft

Designing your kid’s room with crafty things is a good way to keep their inquisitive minds busy. 

You can turn a piece of paper into a myriad of creative shapes. In fact, that’s what a close friend of mine did on Easter to surprise her 5yr old. She picked up a colored chart paper and turned it into an adorable bunny and filled it up with Annie’s favorite candies. She loves jellies and colorful gummies. Though you can fill chocolate eggs or star candies or any other kid-friendly sweet here.

She also has kept origami of different animals like elephants, dogs, cats, and wolves, in her room. She tells her 5-year-old to ask all types of questions about them and believes that practical education is a great way to learn new things. She added that this somewhere also has helped Annie to develop her love for animals, in addition to her colorful picture book.

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