Cannabis and Coffee- A Tempting Combo To Try Today!

Cannabis and Coffee- A Tempting Combo To Try Today!

Chilling Saturday afternoon with a cup of coffee in your hand with a thought of smoking cannabis in your mind? How about infusing them together? 

Both cannabis and coffee are popular and included in the daily regimen of thousands of households. Since cannabis legalization, studies and research are carried out on its potential benefits, effects, and reactions with other compounds in the human body. 

In the current scenario, skipping cannabis or coffee is not an option. How do these two interact or overlap each other is still unclear. However, cannabis-infused coffee products are on the rise; hence we can say that pairing them is favorable and common.

Let’s explore other aspects of these two favorites.

Effect on the Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system, present in a human body, controls most of the functions of our body. Cannabinoids from cannabis coordinate with the receptors on the ECS system and produce their effects. Depending upon your marijuana strain, the body responses differ.

In case of coffee, it slows down the endocannabinoid system functioning. First, you should know that coffee does not boost your energy; instead, it impedes the receptors in your brain to receive adenosine (a compound responsible for inducing drowsiness). You may have noticed that after a few minutes of consuming coffee, you just crash or want more coffee. This is because your drowsiness is back as the receptors to adenosine is available.

Hence, we infer that cannabis and coffee can make you more alert to your surroundings. Where caffeine is a nerve-activity stimulator, on the other hand, endocannabinoids are an inhibitor of nerve activity. Therefore the effects of coffee or caffeine on will alter the effects of the endocannabinoids system

Ingestion VS Inhalation

When cannabis is inhaled, it reaches the bloodstream quicker and hence shows effects faster. While the ingestion of cannabis shows its effects at least after two hours of ingestion with a prolonged high. The inhaled cannabis is absorbed and processed by lungs and ingested cannabis is processed by a liver enzyme.

Caffeine is also metabolized by the liver. So, if the same liver enzyme interacts with the compounds of cannabis and coffee, they are more likely to produce a combined effect. 

Plus, this situation also shows that there is a potential of interaction if edible cannabis and coffee are consumed. 

Do they counteract each other?

For all we know, THC cannabinoid in cannabis is supposed to produce a calming and relaxing effect, and caffeine is our energy booster. So, theoretical, the counteract of these two compounds seems possible.

But here is a catch, both cannabis and coffee are complex products. Starting from how it is harvested, cut, flushed, packed, and stored to how it is consumed- all these alter the effects on the human body. 

Cannabis is available in hundreds of strains, where Sativa strains are responsible for making you energetic and Indica strains keep you calm and relaxed. Similarly, coffee is also available in so many strains like Arabica, Robusta, Bourbon, Sumatra, etc. Like cannabis, each strain of coffee, how they are produced and processed brings a unique effect on the consumer.

Therefore, it is not clear whether these two overlap each other or counteract each other. More studies and research are required to reach a certain conclusion.

Study on Cannabis and Coffee

There are not tons of studies on the effect of this combination, but a study in 2014 on squirrel monkeys examined the effects of THC and MSX-3, a compound like caffeine. 

When the monkeys had low doses of caffeine, they wanted less THC and when they were given higher doses of caffeine, they asked for more THC.

In this scenario, there is a possibility that the caffeine has least or no effect on the endocannabinoid system in low doses and hence the monkeys were satisfied with their “high”. But, as the dose was increased, the endocannabinoid system was altered and the monkeys needed more THC to reach their satisfactory “high”.

Since the monkeys took a larger dosage of THC when given a larger dosage of caffeine. This infers that caffeine in a large dosage can negatively affect your high.


There are still things we do not know about cannabis and coffee. However, if you have a healthy relationship with this ‘wake and bake’ combo, then nothing should stop you from experiencing a blissful morning. Consider your personal interaction and reaction before making them a part of your morning routine. Always remember to ‘start low’ and ‘go slow’.

If you live somewhere cannabis is not available you can always just read some delta-8 gummies reviews and if see those are something you would like to try.