Dragon City – Reasons behind the Success of Game!

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Dragon City is the game in which you are provided with hundreds of attractive and fantastic features. It is counted under the simulation based game. The game recently created by the Social Point and it offers its players with in-app purchases features in it. The in-app purchases feature is helpful for purchasing anything by the real-life money which is present in Dragon City.

It is the top or you can the best battle game. All players play the same game to claim the title of Dragon City. In the entire game, players have to build their city and then prove their might in Dragon City. In the game, there are various islands, buildings and many more things also present which make it really good and classic. Also Dragon City contains in-game currency in it which players have to earn in a good amount. Earning currency in the game becomes easier by using the dragon city cheats.

Top 5 features of Dragon City

Dragon City includes various interesting features in it. The main role of these features is to make the game classic. Some of the main features are given below and individuals need to know about them properly –

Players are provided with almost 500 dragons in it.
The game also deals in in-app purchases feature in it.
Another good feature which people have to know is that in the game players are provided with different objectives, events, and challenges also.
Also they are given some types of in-game currency in it which players have to earn in large amount.

All the above mentioned features make the same game interesting. In it also with in-game currency there are various other essential things present such as chests, events and many things also. Players have to connect the game with Facebook account to earn currency. They also have to equip the top-class or you can say powerful dragon as to win all battles in Dragon City. In Dragon City players have to create the alliances as to make their city more powerful. People from all across the world the play Dragon City more than over 5 million players in it.