Starters Guide To Baking During The Pandemic

Starters Guide To Baking During The Pandemic

Let’s be honest, when we begin baking for the first time, it can often end up being intimidating.Like I mentioned with pasta, if one did not grow up baking you will not even understand where to start from. Well I’m here to help out. With the quarantine madness all around you must have noticed an increased number of cooking videos online.  

This is because baking is known to act as a stress buster and in the times when everything is about coronavirus, it is important to have something to keep your mind off it. Baking is known to be a precise science and anything less than complete concentration, you might end up ruining the entire recipe. 

So, to avoid feeling like a Greek tragedy every time you switch the oven on, we have compiled a couple of recipes you can try out during this pandemic. 

Cake With Summer Berries Cream

Cake With Summer Berries Cream

This is a simple beginner cake that comes together in one bowl. This is a casual dessert that comes together very easily and feeds everybody. It is a butter cake that is topped with whipped cream and berries, perfect for lazy summer evenings. 

The base is made with a cake that mixes quickly and does not even require you to use separate bowls for the baking powder and flour, The cream that is put on top is a mix of whipping and sour cream that helps lighten the buttery rich cake that is at the base. Then you top it with any fresh berries that you can get your hands on, and voila! You’re done. 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

This one just sounds fancy, in reality this is probably one of the easiest recipes to put together. The best part? It usually just requires one bowl. You can use premade cookie dough and add a layer of salted caramel sauce in the middle and you’ll be done if you want to take a shorter route. 

But if you want to revel in the experience of creating something from scratch then take any chocolate chip dough recipe online, make your own caramel sauce, sprinkle some sea salt for good measure on top and you’ll have a great sweet and salty bars at your disposal. 

Peach Cake

Moist, tender, and done in four steps, this cake is a beginner’s dream. You can substitute the peaches for practically any fruit on this planet and it will work beautifully. You need flour, baking powder, salt, butter, sugar, lemon zest, and vanilla extract for this cake. That’s it. 

So try out this ideal summer dessert recipe for a tea time snack. 

Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread

For people who are beginning their baking journey, monkey bread is a great introduction. It requires minimal effort on the part of the baker and in the end, you have an amazing finger-licking concoction on your hands. This is also a practical dessert: the kind you can make in less than an hour and serve. 

The core ingredients for this recipe are cinnamon dough, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. 

Easy Crinkle Cookies

If you are in the mood for something a little more indulgent then crinkle cookies are the perfect starter dessert. You don’t even need to have any skills to achieve the pretty crinkle effect. These ones don’t even require you to create your own mixture as you use a cake mix to make the cookies. 

If you want to add your own spin to the cookie, add any flavor to the batter. Peppermint, lemon, orange whatever you want will work here. All you have to do is roll the dough in powdered sugar before baking and you will get the crinkle effect as the sugar bakes. They are easy and it is next to impossible to get them wrong. All you need is a cake mix, eggs, oil, vanilla (flavor of your choice), and powdered sugar. 

It is a shame when new bakers give up on the whole art because they started on a difficult recipe. Remember that baking is all about the technique and the only way to get that is by brushing up your basics. So, start with the easy recipes and treat it as a building block towards a better bake.