Top Eleven 2020

Top Eleven 2020 – Things that you should know before getting started

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If you’re much of a football fan then you might have come across this game developed by Nordeus. This is the newer version of this popular gaming series and it can be played on your mobile phone s it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In order to win this game, you’ve to be a good manager and you got to fight against many team managers around the world and try to compete against them and win to level up your game.
You will come across many things that can cause problems for you and this may lead to frustration and you’ll surely end up uninstalling the game. To overcome such circumstances we’ve come up with this guide that will help you level up your game.

Connect Facebook account with the game

Connecting your social media account can help you a lot while playing this game and there is no chance that you will lose your progress again. Yes, by connecting your account, you can access it anywhere on any phone by just logging into your account and connecting it to the game. You can even play with your friends and challenge them to play with you or you can simply keep an eye on their progress and help them grow.

Keep a track on Player’s desired positions
when you click on a player’s profile then you will see their attributes along with its desired position. This position shows that at the desired position of your player, he will be strongest and you’ll get better performance out of your player there compared to the rest other positions. Keep an eye on each position before signing up a new player and recruit the player, you’ll need in the game and it will make your efforts worth it.

Experimenting different formations

Every time you experiment something new always end up being something successful or you will learn something to perform better next time. The same happens with this game and you got to choose from millions of formations that you can make. Try to experiment these with different types of opponents and you’ll end up finding the best formation for your team that will take you a long way to the top, by using top eleven 2020 cheats.

Training your players

Well, training is important for every player even if you’re already a star player then also you need training. In order to get better players out of your team then you also have to train your players. While you’re on the training screen and you just have started playing this game then in the initial levels, you’ll be asked to choose your desired drill. Keep in mind that you’ll be given 3 drills in level1 to level 3 and it will keep increasing according to your level. Try to choose a drill with higher chances of winning and I would recommend you to choose one attack, one defense, and one physical or mental drill and it will work perfectly for your game.

So what’s the final verdict?

This game is a whole pack of entertainment for users and everyone found it more enchanting and interesting than others. There are many football games but top eleven has come up with great gameplay and amazing graphics. These will make you dive into the virtual world of sports and you’ll get addicted to it. There will be some hassles and obstacles that you’ve to go through. So in order to overcome such problems and hassles, then this guide will help you. I hope you like this guide. Stay tuned for more such stuff.